1. Determine your postcard goals

What do you want people to do when they receive your postcards? If you're selling event tickets, you probably want them to purchase tickets by calling a number, visiting a website or scanning a QR code. If you simply want to get people to attend your free or gate-ticketed event, your postcard will serve as an advertisement to that end. The point is that you should know what you want people to do so you can focus every element of your postcard and design copy toward achieving your goals.

2.  Define your audience

Who will attend your event? What is their demographic makeup? For a community festival, it's probably just about everyone in a five-mile radius (or more). If it's a theatric performance, however, you likely have a rather distinct customer base comprised of people who share several demographic traits. Determine who your most likely attendees are, then create a demographic profile based on age range, gender, income, location and other data. These are the people you will market your event to.


When it comes to designing packaging set-up boxes and folding cartons are the two most commonly used options, and understanding their differences can help you set the right tone and feel for your packaging project.

Tackle the humble folding carton - from the complicated tuck end to the slick and unassuming sleeve.

Or consider set-up boxes that leave you the flexibility to determine exactly how your package will be unveiled to the customer.

Keep all of your Folding Carton/Set-up Box options close at hand with this handy Packaging Cheat Sheet.


When you know what you need your email marketing campaign to do but aren't sure about how to design it, Featured templates can help.

Whether you want to promote a new product, send a survey, or make a special store or brand announcement, our Featured templates recommend what to include in your campaign. All Featured templates make use of our drag-and-drop editor, so they're mobile-responsive and allow you to easily change the look of your email campaign to suit your needs. Plus, each Featured template includes a special logo placeholder that automatically pulls in your default brand logo.